Attracting Garden Pollinators Signed Copy By Jean Vernon


Jean's second book is a friendly, easy to read and information-packed guide to gardening for pollinators. Our gardens can make a huge difference to the success of pollinators with just a few small changes.

Explore the role that pollinators play and how gardeners can do something to help attract and support them. Find out about the surprising pollinators, including wasps, hornets, hoverflies and beetles. 

Jean told us: "for each group of pollinators I have picked five that have interesting stories and there are some great characters in there which you may have seen in your garden. I've tried to pick the ones with interesting life cycles which you might not know about."


Useful suggestions for tried and tested plants for pollinators.

Ideas for how to provide suitable habitats for nesting, breeding and overwintering pollinators. 

Understanding how flower shape and colour can have an effect on which pollinators visit your garden. 

Jean's first book, the Secret Lives of Garden Bees is also available to buy from our website.