Countryside Bee Box


water-based paint  Screwed construction  From a sustainable source  FSC certified wood

The extra large Countryside Bee Box designed in conjunction with Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust.

The design employs best practice for conservation of Solitary Bees. Designed for use in Stewardship Schemes, by farmers, landowners and conservation professionals.

Handmade in the UK from untreated FSC certified timber.

The different style blocks are crammed with a variety of types of tubes and holes providing maximum variety & versatility.

  • Drilled hardwood blocks (holes 7cm long, with mixed diameter 5-12 mm)
  • Sections of bamboo stem (15-25cm long, with a mix of diameters)
  • Reed stems (7-8mm diameter)
  • Cardboard tubes (8mm)

The thick plywood outer box is fitted with double recycled plastic hangers. This allows the box to be attached to buildings or posts. Place in a warm sunny position. Once the blocks, reeds & canes are filled, the wire guard fitted over the front, will help prevent predation by woodpeckers.

Buglife received a donation for each sale.

For further information on the importance of conservation of Solitary Bee Species you can visit BUGLIFE Website