Dave Goulson, Silent Earth - signed copy


Silent Earth, Averting the Insect Apocalypse is Professor Dave Goulson's most recent, and incredibly inspiring novel. A specialist in bee ecology, and Professor of Biology at Sussex University, Dave Goulson is the voice of British bugs. Championing their survival and conservation in a world where we simply refer to them as 'creepy crawlies'. 

Dave says: "It is quite a lot more serious than most of my other books. I have tried to still make it entertaining and fun and positive at the end where I talk about what people can do about it. But there is a crisis and I think we have to face up to that...most of the insects that anyone is bothering to count, are basically nosediving.

"I love insects and it just seems like such a tragedy to me that they are disappearing. Silent Earth is me trying to get everyone and shake them and say 'for God's sake'  we need to do something about this."

We have a limited number of signed copies available. 

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Reviews of Silent Earth:

"Compelling, penetrating, devastating - Silent Earth is a wake-up call for the world." Isabella Tree

"Extraordinarily convincing...If anyone can bring about change, Goulson can." Melanie Reid, The Times