Little Owl Nest Box


Made from recycled materials  Screwed Construction   From a sustainable source  FSC certified wood

The Little owl nest box is a high quality handmade nesting box giving little owls a dark and safe and purpose built nesting space. The high access ensures any young fledglings in the box are contained for as long as possible. The reduction in the entrance hole prevents larger owls gaining access to the box.

  • Handmade from solid FSC certified timber in our Gloucestershire workshops
  • Slow-seasoned timber negates the need for chemical, stains or artificial preservatives
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Re-cycled plastic hanging/fixing plates
  • Deep dark box with small tunnel entrance
  • Fitted with camera clip


Little owls are traditionally birds of farmland, orchards or small holdings with mixed land, outbuildings, cowsheds and barns. In the wild the Little Owl can utilise rabbit burrows, old buildings or natural holes in trees as nesting sites. Consequently the box should be placed between ground and no more than 2.5 metres high preferably out the reach of domestic cats. The box can be on a woodland tree, an orchard tree, in hedgerow or on a building. The box should ideally face East / North East or South East.

The availability of prey species close to the nesting box is vital. Little Owls eat a range of small mammals, invertebrates such as beetles, grasshoppers, moths and even small birds. These may be found in invertebrate rich meadows, piles of rotting wood or compost heaps and muck piles.

Monitoring and inspection

Little owls are early breeding birds and so the box may be cleaned from September to January. It is a good idea to use an environmentally friendly cleaning product such as Wildkleen used to disinfect the box as Little Owls are messy residents.

Other species which may use the box are jackdaws and squirrels.