Supersize Bird Seed Feeder


 No Plastic

Our plastic-free Supersize Bird Feeder uses the highest quality materials and build for superior performance.  Its all-metal construction provides maximum protection from squirrel damage.  We all know squirrels can easily chew plastic and destroy feeders, so there’s no plastic here!  And what’s more, the whole base of the feeder can be released to make your regular cleans so much easier.

A Magnificent 12 port feeder with every port having its own landing perch

Huge capacity, means less frequent filling. And perfect for gardens with lots of feathered friends visiting.

Its feature packed design includes:

  • Super strong steel hanging wire.
  • Ingenious lid locking mechanism.
  • Generous rain shelter roof.
  • Stainless steel fine mesh.
  • Black powder coated steel body.
  • Seed catch tray.
  • Quick release dispenser base for easy cleaning and good bird hygiene.
  • Fill capacity 1.5kg (or equivalent volume of sunflower hearts)
  • Total hanging weight 2.7kg

When full your supersize bird seed feeder is getting on for 3kg in weight.  Please make sure you choose a suitably strong fixing location and mind your head!

Comes with extended 2 year product guarantee.