Bird Nest Boxes

With many of our natural nest sites like large, old decaying trees disappearing from our gardens, we need to provide nest boxes as well as feeders and birdbaths. Further encouraging garden birds into our gardens and keep them healthy and happy. This shortage of natural nesting sites for birds has played a part in the decline of some of the UK’s most iconic species.

It is now easier than ever to provide functional and beautiful nesting opportunities for birds in our gardens and outdoor spaces. By putting up boxes in the autumn, you can give much-needed winter refuges for roosting birds. Which possibly increase the chance of them staying and nesting in the spring. This is an excellent practice to maintain as a well-designed nest box will only need cleaning once per year. Waiting until autumn to clean them ensures they are not occupied.

One of the key determinants in how likely birds are to occupy nest boxes is where you choose to locate them. Remember to place nest boxes away from feeders and baths. And never disturb the birds once they’re in the box; enjoy watching from afar.

For more information, Read our Guide to Bird Boxes or listen to a the Wildlife Community Podcast about How to Put Up a Nest Box.

Bird Nest Boxes
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Timeless Multi-Species Bird House
Simon King Cabin Nester
New England Nest Box
Simon King Cavity Nest Box
Dovecote Nest Box
Natural Log Robin Box
Teapot Nester
Giant Roost Nest Pocket
Giant Robin Nest Pocket
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Simon King Brushwood Robin Nester
Brushwood Tree Nest Pouch Simon King
Simon King Wreath Nester
Tree Creeper Bird Box
Wooden Robin Nestbox
Natural Log Tit Box
Simon King Predator Resist Nestbox
Blackbird Nester
Elegance Nestbox
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Premium Camera Nest Box System
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House Martin Nesting Bowl
Swift Nest Box at Wildlife World
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Dewdrop Bird Nestbox
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Urban Bird Nest Box
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British Nesting Wool
Colour and Infrared Camera nest box
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Conservation Sparrow Nester
Camera Ready Nest Box
Woodpecker Box
Swallow Nesting Bowl